The Untold Story Of A Beautiful Girl

“Feminism has been a dirty word for a long time” - the untold story of women’s liberation in the US
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Later in , the date of IWD became March 8 and the commemoration happens from that day onwards.

The original aim of on International Women's Day was to achieve full gender equality for women around the world - has still not been realized. According to the World Economic Forum, women might face another year wait before the global equality gap disappears entirely. In business or politics, women are still not present in equal numbers thus persisting the gender pay gap across the globe.

May you live in such a way that others will say, "She is a woman, though ordinary, somehow stands out, and has a beautiful story to tell. When all said and done it's just not that we should designate a particular day for sake of women. It's a sheer contradiction when suddenly everyone starts believing in the women's potential, their empowerment and the rest of the year they are silent.

Rather than just showing off what we can do on this day are:. Countries celebrate Women's Day by keeping official holidays and sending gifts to them. While some are striving for women power to unleash in different ways, India is quite lagging behind. It is a multilinguistic country with rich traditions and cultures, yet the protection of women is at stake let alone be the empowerment. The most intelligent creations i. Let us better understand and work together in unity. If we are unable to make changes even if it is a small change then the revolution would be a far-fetched word.

The time won't come if we don't create the time. The time is here and now!!! Thursday, 08 Mar, 4. Women power World of Wonderful Woman A woman perhaps is the superpower in a human form our Mother Nature has ever created. Women's Division Activity Going back to its roots, in , 15, women marched through New York City urging for voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours.

Why do we celebrate it? Rather than just showing off what we can do on this day are: Pledging to help girls and women to achieve their ambitions; fulfill their dreams, call for gender-balanced leadership and create flexible cultures. Be aware of what's happening and see how we can bring a change through our own heartfelt dialogues.

Ponder what actions can we take so that the women and children get rid of unreasonable suffering starting from my own family and neighborhood. The trouble began last year, on May 28, when Fan was flying to Los Angeles with her retinue including a friend who reportedly got work done to look like her.

The implication was clear: Fan had fraudulently declared the smaller sum to the Chinese tax authorities, to avoid paying taxes on the rest. The contracts were redacted in parts, but you could still make out a faint trace of the famous Fan name. At first no one thought anything of it. For starters, everyone knew that Cui, a household name in China, had an ongoing feud with the makers of Cell Phone 2.

Besides, the hiss of gossip always trails stars like Fan. They are 19 years apart. Fan was said to have gotten her upper lip surgically enhanced, her chin shaved, the fat from her thighs removed. She was dating this rich guy. No, she was dating this other rich guy. It said so in a booklet that supposedly lists the going rates of all other A-list actresses. So there was every reason to think that the ado over Cell Phone 2 would come and go, just like any other celebrity gossip. But 12 hours later, when Fan landed at LAX, the world seemed to have turned against her.

Fan was born after the death of Mao Zedong, and has lived her entire life governed by the go-go brand of capitalism introduced by his successor, Deng Xiaoping. Cui apologized to Fan and retracted his accusation.

The Untold Story of a Beautiful Girl

But by then it was already a national scandal. Shares of companies associated with Fan plunged by 10 percent, the maximum daily limit on the Chinese stock market. Three days later, Chinese censors banned all stories on the Internet about taxes, films, and Fan. The movie industry at large also fell under scrutiny. At first, Fan tried to maintain her normal routine. Then, in the first week of July, she canceled a meeting with a production company, informing them that she had been placed under house arrest. One night, amid the scandal, Fan went out to dinner with her best friend, the director Li Yu.

The Untold Story of Women in the Crimean War

As they were driving home, Li recalled, Fan reached for her hand and held it tightly. Li was surprised: Fan had never done that before, through their four movies and 12 years of friendship. Two days later, Fan Bingbing, the most famous woman in China, whose primary job is being seen by the public, vanished without a trace. In Beijing, she is the literal girl next door: nearly everyone I met claimed to be her neighbor.

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A lawyer told me that her house was next to his at Star River, a gated community protected by razor wire. An actor said he often saw her black S.

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Fan was raised in the port city of Yantai, overlooking the Korean Bay. Fan grew up watching her father, a pop singer, perform at regional competitions. Her mother was a dancer and an actress. Both were party committee members and served as cadres in the cultural division of the local port authority. The family was poor. Young Fan knew this: when she was in a car crash, at age 14, the first thing she did was try to protect the flute. She still has it to this day.

Why Lulu Wang Almost Said Farewell to Hollywood

Fan spent the next three months recuperating in a hospital, where she watched a Taiwanese drama about Wu Zetian, a consort who rose to become empress during the Tang dynasty. Empress Wu gave Fan the dream of becoming an actress. Twenty years later, she would produce and star in a TV series about Wu. She entered a performing-arts school in Shanghai, where she was the youngest of 40 in her class. On rough days, she sustained herself on a single meat bun or bowl of beef noodle soup.

Through a school play, Fan met a producer who cast her as a chambermaid in an 18th-century costume drama. My Fair Princess aired in April , when Fan was 16 years old. The show became a cultural phenomenon and catapulted her to stardom. Another showed me a photo of a crane-pattern dress she had ordered on Taobao the Chinese version of eBay , a knockoff of what Fan wore to Cannes. Nearly all of the people I spoke with who had worked with Fan—English teachers, dialogue coaches, designers, lawyers, film executives, producers, directors, and fellow actors—told me she was kind, and impossible to hate.

She is so strong, spiritually.

She can take a lot of pressure, and still smile. Would he like to come? Afterward, she asked her driver to take Furth home. It was just a nice thing that Fan had done. Fan is also, by all accounts, a very hard worker. She runs her own acting school, production company, and cosmetics line, sleeping only four hours a night.

Fan showed up with a raging fever. Kwei offered to reschedule. Fan said no, they should keep going. She was O. In , a reporter asked Fan whether she was going to follow custom and marry rich. In the month after she was engulfed in scandal, shares in publicly listed movie companies in China fell by an average of 18 percent. Last summer, after Fan stopped appearing in public and posting on social media, the entire world began speculating about her whereabouts. Five days later, unverified tweets claimed that Fan, after seeking counsel from Jackie Chan, had landed in Los Angeles to request asylum.

Chan quickly denied the rumor that same day. Montblanc dropped her as brand ambassador. So did Chopard and Swisse, an Australian vitamin company. Then, on October 3, Fan reappeared as suddenly as she had vanished. The system was instituted in , under President Xi Jinping, making it legal for the Chinese secret police to detain anyone charged with endangering state security or committing corruption and hold them at an undisclosed location for up to six months without access to lawyers or family members.

Sources close to Fan told me that she had been picked up by plainclothes police. While under detention, she was forbidden to make public statements or use her phone. After her release, Fan issued an obsequious apology on social media. I offer my sincere apology here once again! It could have been worse. Until , first-time tax offenders in China could be charged with criminal liability.

And until , economic crimes such as tax evasion were punishable by death. For decades, film workers received salaries on par with factory workers, and most movies were imported from Hollywood.

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The rest were stored at the national granary, in climate-uncontrolled archives. Then, after , the government decided there was big money to be made in movies. They snapped up the U. For the past four years, China has been building 25 new movie screens every day. Last year, after Fan turned down the role of the Chinese oceanographer in The Meg , a sci-fi thriller produced by Warner Bros. Fan seemed poised to become that impossible thing: a star who can appease fans in the three Chinas—mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong—as well as Hollywood studios, and their sudden desire for Asian faces.

Discs were organized not by title or category but by actor. Nicole Kidman, whom many Chinese consider a vision of unimpeachable beauty, also got her own row. Others—Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, even Meryl Streep—were relegated to a row seemingly reserved for miscellaneous white actresses. In the years that the Chinese film industry was allowed to grow unregulated, it became common for stars to falsify contracts to avoid paying taxes on the huge sums that they were commanding.

The government claims that economic output grew by 6. With consumer spending slowing and foreign investment plunging in the midst of a trade war, the government is seeking to redirect economic power back under state control. In March , President Xi established the National Supervision Commission, granting it sweeping powers to investigate corruption and tax evasion. Suspects could now be legally kidnapped, interrogated, and held for as long as six months. That same month, he also gave the Central Publicity Department, which heads up propaganda efforts, the authority to regulate the film industry.

The only other time film was put under the propaganda ministry, according to industry insiders, was during the Cultural Revolution. Films that had passed the censors years ago have now been retroactively banned. An eminent TV news anchor was taken away hours before going on air. A retired professor with views critical of the government was dragged away during a live interview on Voice of America.

A billionaire was abducted from his private quarters in the Four Seasons in Hong Kong.

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