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phatespemocno.ml/industrial-process-scale-up-a-practical.php There were a lot of great emotional moments throughout the book, and I will admit I actually teared up at one part which is super rare for me! The moment I finished it, I was itching for the sequel. The concept is unlike anything I'd read before, and it will leave you questioning until the end. Lots of twists along the way but no spoilers! Great debut author, I'm definitely excited to read the next installment of the Realmwalker Chronicles! May 06, Sharon Honeycutt rated it it was amazing.

I haven't read many fantasy novels, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one. I'm so glad I read this book! CM does a great job of developing her characters--and not just Addy--all of them. I found myself thinking about them whenever I put the book down, and even having finished it, I still think about them and wonder what they're up to.

Looking forward to Book 2! The story is compelling and CM does a good job of keeping the suspense tight throughout. I was always wondering what I haven't read many fantasy novels, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one. I was always wondering what Addy and the Realmwalkers were going to be up against and how they were going to come out in the fight. This is a great debut and I'm eagerly anticipating the next in the series.

May 07, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Chaos caught my attention right away, and I never felt like it dragged on. I grew up in where the book took place AZ so I was familiar with the landscape. I loved the concept of the Realmwalkers it was very unique and ingenious. On another note the bad guys shades were really scary and I would never want to meet them in person.

CM Fenn is a very talented debut author which made the book flow very well. I definitely recommend reading Chaos and can't wait for the sequel!! May 29, Jill Penton rated it it was amazing. I loved every second of it! I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the next one! This author is amazing! She is so creative! I can't even express how impressed it am.

So awesome! I downloaded it on kindle and I kept checking the percentage I'd read because I just wanted it to keep going! When I got to the end, I really didn't want to stop reading! I love when a book does that for me! May 09, Ashlyn rated it it was amazing. I love it so much and it is my most favorite book. I have already read it 7 or 8 times within just a YEAR.

Highly recommended! Great storyline too! Thanks C. Jun 19, Bree Hodges rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. OMG I freaking loved this book. Great coming of age story, mixed with fantasy, mixed with kick butt characters. A definite must read :D. View 1 comment. They seem too real, too palpable.

Most of the time she dreams of falling. Luckily it never comes do that unitl one fateful night. Addy is a Realmwalker. When she falls asleep her body gets transported into the a world between earth and the Nether Realm, called Chaos. It shifts each night, revealing one gruesome beast after another. She joins a group of young people, all of them like her with unusual abilities. Their task is to keep the Shades from entering the Earth Realm, where they would cause havoc and destruction. Addy finds herself in the middle of a battle between good and evil. I became aware of this book via one of my goodreads friends who really liked it, and I thought I would give it a try.

And boy, am I glad that I did. Fenn delivers strong, believable characters, exciting plots and surpirsing plot twists. The pages felt like , and I just breezed through the chapters, always wanting to know what would happen next. I read this in one day, and would have gladly read another pages. She evolved into a strong female lead, that was driven by her convictions and her own ideals.

She would never hesitate to do the right thing, even if it meant to lose the trust of her own friends, or her own life. That changes when she meets the other Realmwalkers. They just put her on the path she needs to be on. Every single character in this novel is unique in their own way. They are fleshed out and definitely earned they righful place in this story. The writing style is perfect for this type of story, and while I read Chaos I could picture it like I was watching a movie btw, it would make an awesome movie.

I kept being surprised, the twists were phenomenal. I highly recommend this. Chaos is a fun rollercoaster ride that will make you laugh out loud, cry and bite your fingernails in excitement. Jul 18, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. Chaos by C. Fenn is a book about Addy, a girl who is called to the dream world of Chaos. She must face her fears and figure out how to defeat a dangerous Shade. She quickly befriends all the Realmwalkers, including Sam, the handsome leader of the Realmwalkers, and Mikhail, the quiet and mysterious Realmwalker no one seems to trust.

I thought Mikhail was one of my favorite characters, he was always ke Chaos by C. I thought Mikhail was one of my favorite characters, he was always keeping me guessing. I also liked how I could relate to Addy, I thought she was realistic in how she reacted to everything that happened. Overall she was a pretty awesome heroine. I really liked this book. I liked how it had just enough surprises, laughs, and tears, not to mention the amazing ending.

But sometimes the book seemed to be too fast-paced, and if I could change something it would be to have more elaboration on Mikhail although maybe that's just because he was my favorite : I would recommend this book to nearly everyone, especially fans of YA. This book is a refreshing change in the YA genre where it seems like every book is the same. I received a copy from Goodreads giveaway! Jul 16, Amber rated it it was amazing. I have received this book for free from goodreads first reads. For starters, C. Fenn has a great imagination to have created such an amazing book. This book contained so much action, a bit of romance, and unexpected twists.

Once I started reading, it was so hard for me to put the book down. It kept me interested from page one. I can not wait to read the next chronicle in this series to find out what happens next. I highly recommend this book to others, so that they can also experience the even I have received this book for free from goodreads first reads.

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I highly recommend this book to others, so that they can also experience the events that have unfolded between the pages of Chaos, book one of The Realmwalker Chronicles. Apr 25, Rebecca Nelson rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! Very engaging from the start. I found myself thinking about this book throughout the day. The story was creative and kept me guessing. Highly recommend for those who love suspenseful adventure. View all 7 comments. Jun 18, Tiffany rated it really liked it. In the vampire-ridden world of YA fiction, I thought Chaos was wonderfully original. Great debut novel!

Jun 28, Sarah Stout rated it it was amazing. I am terrible at writing reviews but I couldn't stop reading this. I can't wait for the next one. It has a great mix of everything, drama, humor, action, all of it and wonderful characters. The main character especially is lovely, strong female without any of the normal cliches.

Even the little bit of romance felt natural and not like it was the main focus unlike a lot of young adult books. Read this book! Apr 25, Jeff rated it it was amazing. This story is very compellng. CM Fenn's writing is also very witty, I can't remember a book when I "laughed out loud" as much as while reading "Chaos". The concept is original as well as the characters. Jun 03, ashley rated it really liked it. This was a fun read. I did like chaos and its world. Characters were cute, but it didn't feel like any of them were ever anything below the surface, so to speak Except maybe Harmony.

Overall it was enjoyable and kept my attention well. May 15, Haley Mccall rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book!

Reviews: A Year of Waterloo Region Speculative Fiction

I couldn't put it down and read most of it in one sitting. This book was intriguing, and very captivating. Definitely one if the best books I read in a long time! I highly recommend this book, it won't disappoint you! Fenn is, simply put, a born storyteller. The novel is tightly constructed, and despite seemingly relying on familiar conventions of YA adventure lit, is still able to keep a few surprises up its sleeve. Furthermore, these surprises, once revealed, generally make sense within the larger context of the story with one notable exception and aren't simply there to throw the reader for a loop: the plot twists serve the greater story, not the other way around.

The one exception is a spoiler to talk about in too much depth, but a revelation about one character's topside existence doesn't make a lot of sense because Chaos bodies mimic topside bodies except in very special cases which this is not one of - or if it is, it's not explained. But in any event, the revelation is an emotionally affecting moment, and as such, I can't nitpick it too much in good conscience. The characters, in general, are fairly well-drawn and easy to connect to.

Addy, the protagonist, is very likeable and her first-person narration is fun to read and really feels like someone telling a story. My other favorite character is Mikhail: I always appreciate when young adult authors add truly complex characters to their books, and the complexity of his character adds an excellent note of realism to the story. Other reviewers have noted that Addy has some characteristics of a Mary Sue, and while I concur to an extent, I would say that most writers put bits of themselves in their characters, and this can, at least in my opinion, help make the characters seem more real and likeable.

Particularly since it's almost entirely unobtrusive here, I see no good reason to criticize it. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this self-published freshman effort is Fenn's generally solid writing. Once the setup has been gotten out of the way, circa pages in, she hits her stride and her writing is polished, involving, and professional. This is not to say, however, that the writing is without flaw. The first pages of the book - that is to say, the setup - is rough going in parts. The writing in this section is often choppy and the exposition can be awkward, particularly in the places where a great deal of information needs to be explained.

The first-person narrative occasionally flags by trying too hard to sound like a teenager and becoming wooden instead. There is even the occasional hint of stodginess in the fake profanity Fenn briefly adopts before electing wisely to have her characters talk like real people. Anyone who uses the phrase "bad-A" instead of "badass" would do well to ax it from their vocabulary immediately. However, as I noted before, once the book clears the page mark, these flaws virtually disappear and the writing becomes polished, clear, realistic, and exciting.

Chaos is not simply good for a first novel. It is a fantastic adventure story in its own right. Reading this book, I believe that I've had the privilege of watching Fenn blossom as a writer - and a greatly talented one at that. She builds a detailed, involving fantasy world, inhabited by likeable characters that seem like real people and which I had no trouble connecting to.

I have little more to say about this book, other than to say: C. Jan 08, Teneille Pryce rated it it was amazing. A young beautiful girl searched all of goodreads for a decent book and among all the overrated disappointments she finally found a gem called Chaos. The set up is good. The execution is good. Everything is so good. However, let's go to what I really want to discuss the characters. There were times when she'd mess up, yet she always reflected and grew from her mistakes A young beautiful girl searched all of goodreads for a decent book and among all the overrated disappointments she finally found a gem called Chaos.

There were times when she'd mess up, yet she always reflected and grew from her mistakes. Also, let's be honest her mistakes were purely for plot development. I really grew to like her and was very proud of who she became. She was very level headed and reasonable, even more than Addy.

Battle of the Bastards is Straight from Medieval Chronicles

Angel was very wise for a nine year old and was aptly nicknamed angel. Surprised was I when I found out she could also be a badass in battle. I thought it'd be cancer, though. I really teared up when she died. I didn't really feel that it was fair to her mother, but Fenn had it written in a way where it was easier for everyone to accept. I won't be far, Addy. I'm only going to another realm. A fourth realm. And somehow I have a feeling it will be the best one yet. I don't know. He's not even a forgettable character.

Sam is boss alpha of the realmwalkers. I say alpha, but he's a fair guy that takes everyone into consideration. Has decent judgement and is reasonable view spoiler [ Unless your Addy. Ugh I wasn't a big fan of the romance You can't even call it romance. I'm just wondering what the fuck happened to Kevin. The age gap wasn't even problem for me. They just seem better apart than together to me. I also have no idea how they fell for each other. Really he choose the wrong time to lose his shit and act crazy. Yeah, he may have been antisocial and a tad creepy, but he was reliable.

Like wtf Mikhail Aug 11, Linsy rated it really liked it Shelves: action-packed , pov-1 , damsel-in-distress , boy-saves-girl , boy-wants-to-protect-girl , first-in-series , kick-ass-heroine , ya , abilities-powers-etc , bored-i-am-so-bored. You know what they say: "Don't judge a book by its cover. Now, I'm not going to say that this story didn't have its many parallels to other books I have read, because it did. But it was still so different in its own right. Still so original. Still so engaging.

I really had a hard time putting it down to go to bed.

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But, I finally figured, maybe if I go to bed, I will wake up in Chaos an You know what they say: "Don't judge a book by its cover. But, I finally figured, maybe if I go to bed, I will wake up in Chaos and get to kick some serious Shade butt. Unfortunately, it seems I only dreamt about much lesser things than Lesser Shades. Sad night. Anyways, I recommend this book for anyone looking for a young adult book with little bit of everything: Adventure, action, mystery, suspense, thrill, romance.

You name it. There was a point in the middle of the book where it dragged a bit and got a bit boring, but it picked right back up and redeemed itself. And, let's face it, your overwhelming impression of a book is what you're left with at the end. Suffice it to say, the last third of the book was more than enough to make up for any less than thrilling parts.

The book starts with a young girl, Addy, who is a victim of awful nightmares. As it turns out, though, her nightmares are really just her consciousness' way of bringing her to the "Chaos Realm," where Realmwalkers, like herself, fight off the evil that tries to travel through the in-between of Chaos-realm from the hellish Never-realm to Earth-realm.

What follows is a really fun adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat. I will say, my little areas to pick on, however, would have to be my confusion as to whether it was supposed to be a love triangle or not because I was TOTALLY rooting for the other guy. I still don't know what I'm supposed to think about that. Totally confused. I was also put off a little by the nearly immediate Mary-Sue status of the heroine, Addy. I mean, she shows up and learns she's pretty much an instant bad-ass.

Doesn't even really have to try. Sonic at first believes that Knuckles is betraying them, but is proven wrong when he watches them fight. Knuckles wins the fight, followed by Sonic fighting Ix, causing Ix to run. Sonic's team then gets a second chance to fight him, and also emerges victorious while Knuckles retrieves the Master Emerald. Ix uses the Nocturne to achieve a Super Transformation. Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and defeats him. As Nocturne begins to fall, and is nearly destroyed, the team escapes in the Cyclone and heads back to earth.

Once back in Metropolis, they find Eggman waiting for them with a rebuilt empire, who immediately attempts to shoot them down. Power: Characters in this class focus on attacking and have POW moves that are all focused in dealing damage to enemies. They regain 1 PP per action when defending. Shifter: Characters in this class are balanced between fighting and supporting the team but may lean more to one side within their attack POW moves and pure status effect causing moves.

They regain 2 PP per action when defending. Support: Characters in this class have low attacking power and have POW moves that focus only on supporting the team or applying negative status effects on enemies. They regain 3 PP per action when defending. In combat, Sonic has low damage power and low armor, but he gets three attacks per round thanks to his amazing quickness.

With his speed, Sonic almost always goes first and can damage enemies before they get a chance to react. In combat, Amy Rose has the second highest damage power in the game, and medium armor. She is quick enough to attack twice per round, and her special abilities are valuable for weakening enemies and strengthening her teammates. In combat, Tails has low damage power and low armor, but he is quick enough to attack twice in each round. Tails relies on his team to protect him while he supports them with special abilities.

In combat, Rouge has low damage power and low armor, but she gets to attack twice per round, thanks to her innate quickness. Rouge's abilities to weaken and distract foes, along with her skills at stealing items from enemies, makes her an asset in combat. In combat, Big has medium damage power, but has the highest armor in the game.

He's too slow to attack more than once per round, but his powerful abilities makes him difficult to damage and even harder to defeat. In combat, Knuckles has the second-highest damage power and armor in the game, and he is fast enough to attack twice per round. He is a bruiser with many ways to weaken and defeat an opponent. In combat, Cream has low damage power and low armor, and her inexperience means she can only attack once per round. Her cheers are powerful, however, and help her teammates become stronger in battle.

Phalanx or shield-wall

In combat, Shadow has medium damage power and medium armor, and he is just as fast as Sonic, giving him three attacks per round. In combat, Omega has the highest damage power and armor of all the characters in the game. He is so slow, however, that he only gets one attack per round.

In combat, Shade has medium damage power and low armor, and she gets two attacks per round. Shade relies on trickery and technology to win in combat, with her deadly Leech Blade and her powerful Cloaking Device. Development began in when Bioware began to look into a handheld video game project to start, and at that point, had over thirty people involved.

During February , Sega announced that it would be giving fans the opportunity to vote on the name of a hostile alien race that would appear within the game. The name was suggested as a potential name initially by Sega Nerds. Archie Comics has made an adaptation of Sonic Chronicles titled "Invaders from Beyond" , featuring the kidnapping of Knuckles. The characters and concepts of the game have also been adapted into the primary canon of the series, though they have thus far only been referenced in various comic issues.

Producer Dorian Kieken Sonic Chronicles Associate Producer later confirmed that the sequel to the game was already being written, but the title is unknown. However, it was then stated that no plans for a sequel are in the works. The game received positive reactions in the area of graphics and environments, being "bright, colorful, and cheery", "undeniably nice-looking" with "slick presentation", and with cut-scenes that are "visually sharp". As Sonic's first transition into the RPG genre, the overall scenario, including the game's story and dialogue, were received with mixed reception.

QUICK ZOMBIES? WE'RE ALL DOOMED!! Jund Aggro Zombies (Storrev, Liliana, Dreadhorde Deck) - MTG Arena

Critics acknowledged that, compared to other games in the genre, the "chapter-based story is predictably lightweight and cartoony", and though interesting enough, it "takes a backseat to the actual gameplay". Combined with a generally low difficulty level also described as "phenomenally easy" , the story and scenario were cited as a good reason that this entry would be suitable as a role-playing game for younger gamers. Reviewers also agreed that the story only begins to become more elaborate and interesting in the second half of the game.

The cast of playable characters, who some reviewers acknowledged were less than well received in previous Sonic games, were generally received well, and were "well written and likeable". Further to the reception of the RPG design, gameplay elements of the role-playing genre also received mixed reception. Some reviewers cited the "overbearing" battle system becoming "an annoyance", while others found the combat system a "joy", with a good difficulty level and "some great tension".

The lack of multiplayer options, aside from the ability to share Chao, was also seen as a disappointment. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Spoilers end here. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

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WILD CARD: CHRONICLES OF CHAOS - VOLUME II [AW Elliott] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. André W. Elliott is 48 years old and was. hixotusosi.cf - Buy Wild Card: Chronicles of Chaos - Volume II: 2 book online at best prices in India on hixotusosi.cf Read Wild Card: Chronicles of Chaos - Volume.

Sonic the Hedgehog handheld video games. Categories :. Sonic the Hedgehog [8]. The world's fastest supersonic hedgehog sports an attitude and a sarcastic grin. When his tour of the world is interrupted by a call for help, he knows he has no choice but to return at breakneck speed. Evil deeds to Sonic are like a red rag to a bull, and when his friends are caught up in it, there's no holding back. Amy Rose [8]. Amy is a pink hedgehog with a big heart and an unrelenting yearning for Sonic's affection on her own terms.

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Knuckles wins the fight, followed by Sonic fighting Ix, causing Ix to run. We're not just reprinting the original WILD CARDS, as it was first published; we're adding three brand-new, original, never-before-published stories set during some of the "lost years" we couldn't cover last time around. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story—and survive this homecoming. I really teared up when she died. It had the least sexism in it not entirely absent, but substantially reduced from the previous two books and the strongest plot and character development.

Though generally good natured, she gets hot-headed when riled, and her weapon of choice, the Piko-Piko Hammer , can always be relied upon to make her feelings clear. She missed Sonic while he was away, but a lot can change over time. Miles "Tails" Prower [8]. Tails is a kid fox with two tails and a zeal for helping Sonic, who he has always thought of as a big brother. With Eggman out of the picture, his engineering skills have become unrivaled. His ingenious creativity has been put to good use during Sonic's extended absence, building wondrous mechanical marvels for the betterment of society.

Rouge the Bat [8]. Rouge is a sassy and flirtatious bat with an eye for jewels and treasure, and a knack for stealthily procuring them.

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She has been contracted by G. Guardian Units of Nations via the president, which makes her an advantageous ally, though Sonic and friends feel better keeping an eye on their valuables when she's around. Big the Cat [7]. Big is a giant cat who lives in a hut in the Mystic Ruins, and he spends his days fishing with his best friend Froggy. He's a little slow-witted, but doesn't pretend to be otherwise, and he always does right by his friends. He's enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the past few years, so he is apprehensive about having to leave his home on another adventure.

Knuckles the Echidna [8]. Believed to be the last of his kind, Knuckles is the stoic guardian of the Master Emerald. Despite being Sonic's rival, they've often worked together to recover the Master Emerald from the villains who sought to steal it. His spiky fists pack a mighty punch and enable him to climb vertical faces with ease.

Cream the Rabbit [9] optional. Cream is a well-mannered young rabbit with flapping ears that enable her to fly. She's rarely seen without her best friend; a dapperly attired Chao named Cheese. Though she detests violence in all its forms, there's no telling what she might do when the safety of her friends is threatened. Her favorite food is ice cream, which she would happily eat every day. Eggman [10]. Doctor Eggman is the eternal nemesis of Sonic, a genius and mad scientist who is bent on world domination. After being defeated by Sonic and his friends, he tries to recover using what scraps he can, and manages to build a small base.

After being found by Sonic, he joins with him to help stop the Marauders. Shadow the Hedgehog [8]. Shadow is an artificially-created life form designed by the renowned scientist Gerald Robotnik at the height of his career. His trademark hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic, and he has the ability to distort time and space using " Chaos Control ".

He is looking for Omega, who went to Metropolis to stop Eggman, and hasn't returned since This supreme machine was built as the final and most powerful robot in Dr. Eggman's E Series , and his wide arms are equipped with many concealed weapons.