Found Wanting, Frauds in the Church from Todd to Caner.

Dear Church, Here’s Why People Are Really Leaving the Church
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We have listed with sources a number of them, which again makes me wonder why they work so hard to keep members from looking outside of their sources. I know I listened to them for decades, but once I started doing my own research it became crystal clear that the church can not be true. Joseph Smith and the Convenience of Revelations. The heading for this point is flippant, but the bottom line is that many of the revelations that Joseph Smith got were of great benefit to him and him alone.

Granted there are a lot of chapters in the Doctrine and Covenants, but most of them are directed at specific people to go on missions, work in capacity of the church, or organizational matters. I just want to post a quick recap of the times where Joseph Smith got revelations that helped him out of a problem or helped to bolster his authority when members began having questions:.

When Joseph Smith was caught in an affair with Fanny Alger and members started talking including Oliver Cowdery, the co-founder of the church , Joseph got a revelation to declare marriage was just one man and one wife. However, Joseph Smith couldn't keep polygamy a secret forever, and more people began finding out about what was happening.

When Joseph Smith needed to push Martin Harris for more money to get the Book of Mormon printed, Harris was being pressured by his suspecting wife that Joseph Smith was not a prophet. Lo and behold, Joseph Smith receive a prompt revelation that instructed Martin Harris to sell whatever he needed to sell and give the money to to Joseph or face eternal damnation. When Martin Harris lost the original pages after Lucy Harris took them to force Joseph to prove himself as a prophet, God was there to give Joseph a way out.

Joseph Smith continued to translate the supposed plates, but knew that he couldn't publish a book with the beginning missing. In September , Hiram Page found his own seer stone, and he claimed to receive revelation through it just as Joseph Smith claimed to translate the Book of Mormon through his stone. It contained a sentence on paper to befit it. As soon as he wrote one sentence, another sentence came on the stone, until he wrote 16 pages. On a quick side note, this revelation commands Oliver to "go unto the Lamanites and preach my gospel unto them," which is interesting since the Lamanites are not the Native Americans as we've established earlier in the LDS essay on DNA.

In , Joseph Smith was traveling with 10 others when they experienced unusually rough waters. Elder William Phelps even claimed to see "the destroyer in his most horrible power, ride upon the face of the waters. Wherefore, the days will come that no flesh shall be safe upon the waters.

Again, that's incredibly convenient. It is also important to note that while the church still refuses to allow missionaries to enter the water, the waters have not appeared to be cursed ever since, nor do current leaders or people proclaimed to see Satan riding in it. As we've detailed in some of the other famous LDS visionary stories , they are never backed up by facts.

It is a pattern in Joseph Smith's life that the revelations arrived quickly whenever he found himself in a difficult spot, and as we've detailed in our Doctrine and Covenants changes page , Joseph freely changed revelations later on if he needed to. This is amazing given that the church never received revelations that could have saved lives like the need to boil water, or save the church a lot of trouble and make it clear that black people aren't actually black because of a curse on their skin as the Book of Abraham states. Again, I know this seems flippant, but if we are to believe that God is speaking to Joseph, doesn't anyone else wonder why so many revelations are specifically to Joseph's benefit while basic tips on how to live a safer life like boiling water are left unsaid?

Insistence on Literal Biblical Stories.

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As we have learned more about the world and history, we have learned that some of the most important stories of the Bible are likely did not happen in a literal sense as in the Bible. Many Christian religions have adapted to our growth in understanding the historicity of the Bible, but the LDS church is stuck because they need these Biblical events to be true in a literal sense because of how tightly connected they are to Mormon theology.

Adam and Eve. Advances in our understanding of DNA have led to different conclusions about a literal Adam and Eve, with a general timeline that humans have been on this Earth for at least , years. Some studies have shown that there is no way to get DNA to get to a population size below 20, people, and others show that the Mitochondrial DNA for women go back about , years while the genes on the Y chromosome date back about , years.

We also know that repopulating the Earth with relatives leads to disorders and development issues which is why the Earth needs a diversity of genes to thrive. This is a massive problem for the LDS church, because the story of Adam and Eve is so central to the church. We are taught in the church that Adam and Eve were 'born' in Missouri about 6, years ago, and Brigham Young even taught that Adam was our God and was doctrine from God as discussed above.

The temple ceremony incorporates Adam and Eve thoroughly, and the Book of Mormon leans heavily on the literal standing of the Adam and Eve story. While other churches have been reconciling theology with science, the LDS church has taught such a rigid, literal interpretation that they can not adapt without exposing that the church is a product solely of the thinking of Joseph Smith's time.

Noah's Ark and the Global Flood. Science tells us that there was no global flood event that wiped out all life as told in the Bible. The legends of a 'great flood' predate the Bible Gilgamesh being one of the more famous legends and were common throughout history to explain natural disasters by attaching it to a deity to give meaning to it.

While there is ample evidence of catastrophic local floods, there is no evidence of a global flood nor is there any evidence that a global flood wiped out all life on Earth. We have civilizations that have records they went uninterrupted during the time of the flood, we have DNA evidence that proves that species survived and thrived during the flood timeline, and we also can look at the evolution of animals to know that there is no way Noah could have had two of every species on the ark just due to the most obvious fact that the animals are spread out around the world and would not have been accessible to him.

The problem for the LDS church is that they need a global flood to make their truth claims work. Without a global flood to bring Noah across the ocean, the entire truth claims of the Mormon church fall apart. Apologists claim that Noah simply took the ark down a body of water like the Mississippi River to the ocean, which is of course possible, but it is very unlikely given that there is no evidence of a global flood hitting Missouri.

In other words, why would Noah be in Missouri and then take an ark to the ocean when there was no flood in the Missouri? And more to the point, the global flood presents a massive problem for the LDS truth claims: If a global flood wiped out all life as they believe, then there were no other people in the Americas when Lehi arrived. This is what the church has taught, but now that we know the Native Americans have nothing to do with the "Lamanites," the church has begun claiming that there were other people in the Americas that mixed with the people of Book of Mormon times.

On the other hand, if there was no global flood there would be people in the Americas as all of the evidence tells us, but then the Mormon truth claims of Adam and Even in Missouri and a great flood are discredited. The church apologists want to have it both ways, but the problem is that it can't be both and either one by itself is a problem for the credibility of the church. Again, as we look at these topics we have to think about what makes sense given what we know today. In Joseph Smith's time these ideas made sense because we did not know about DNA and population movements throughout history, but as we learn more we can see that the Mormon theology is completely based in the ideas of Joseph Smith's time, and that is not something you would expect for someone who is giving us direct scriptures and knowledge from God.

These two examples do not prove that God is not real, but it does further prove that Joseph Smith's teachings continue to fail against the test of time, evidence, and our basic understandings of history. And that's a point that is not made enough - the Mormon church not being true does not mean there is no higher power, as much as the church wants to make it an all or nothing proposition. It simply means that the LDS church is a creation of Joseph Smith and that he did not have a prophetic calling as he claimed to have. Over the last few decades, LDS apologists have moved from a harsher tone against anyone that questioned church history to a much softer one that embraces the errors but then tries to turn them into a positive lesson.

The LDS church is imperfect, but all organizations are imperfect. Joseph Smith made some mistakes, but he was just an imperfect person. The history is messy, but there are beautiful things we can focus on through it. Mormonism is a religion, and religions are good things to belong to. It is good to believe in God, and it is good to belong to an organization that encourages and nurtures deep spiritual practice.

The Book of Abraham isn't a translated text but one that was purely inspirational despite what Joseph Smith and the church claimed. The DNA that proves the Native Americans aren't Lamanites doesn't mean the Book of Mormon isn't true, because there were probably lots of other people in the Americas that just weren't mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Polygamy was terrible and maybe even a mistake, but it led to spiritual togetherness for the church which was needed during difficult times.

The church was deeply racist for no understood reason, but we now have come out of it stronger and realize that God loves each and every one of us. Do not let a seed of doubt grow, because there is no turning back. Yes there are a lot of problems, but if you ignore those and focus on the good ones there is beauty. There are a lot of problems here, but the most important one is to note just how much the LDS apologists have moved the goalposts over the last few decades as more information has become available.

When the Tanners began their work 50 years ago, they were labeled as anti-Mormons making up stories about Joseph Smith, but we now know they were correct about changes to the Doctrines and Covenants , hiding the First Vision account , and plagiarizing from the King James Bible. Now even LDS apologists admit that critics are correct about certain things: the gold plates were never used in the translation, the Book of Abraham papyrus has nothing to do with Abraham, and that Joseph Smith was engaging in polygamy before he had the authority to do so.

However, in doing so they shift the argument to how the church used to make you feel. It's an unhealthy relationship - when a spouse is caught lying to you, the fallback is to say "Are you going to throw all of this away? Think of how you used to feel! We still have some things that are great, so just ignore all of the things I lied to you about.

That might seem too harsh, but that is the reality. It can be destructive and harmful - their anti-LGBT stances have been a factor that has driven Utah to one of the highest rates of suicide in the United States. Since moving away from absolute truth claims of the past, apologists now tell us that without doubt there could be be no room for faith. If the Book of Abraham was not proven to be a completely incorrect translation, we would all know Joseph Smith is a prophet and therefore have no need for faith in his work.

I get why they've moved to this argument, but if the reason for this church is to spread the gospel and gather everyone together before the second coming, why would God purposefully try to convince us Joseph made it all up? Apologists will tell you that imperfect men have led this church, and that we need to stop expecting perfection. They have even moved away from the 'people aren't perfect, the church is perfect' line of apology because it is clear that the church continues to provide false narratives to investigators to the church along with the youth being brought up through nursery, seminary, etc.

But this goes well beyond imperfection - polyandry, if you believe church theology of forever families, robbed faithful husbands of a chance to be with their wives forever. What kind of God would allow that? What kind of God would let Joseph Smith incorrectly translate the Book of Mormon to look like a false prophet in front of the entire world? Speaking as someone who used to believe - the truth can be painful, but the truth is undeniable.

Joseph Smith 'Mixtape' Theory. One thing we have made clear in the LDS annotated essays and other pages is that Joseph Smith used ideas and themes from his time to craft the Book of Mormon, doctrines, and other scriptures. Book of Mormon : Critics have long accused Joseph Smith of stealing other works for the Book of Mormon, but at the end of the day what is most interesting is that most of the themes that are central to the Book of Mormon were already written. View of the Hebrews has many similar themes to the Book of Mormon. We have highlighted repeatedly Joseph Smith's use of the King James Bible in the Book of Mormon, which gave Joseph not just material but a writing style that was familiar for him to write in.

In addition there are other works from his time that have similarities such as Tales of Captain Kidd, The Apocrypha, Joseph Sr's dream that later became the Lehi's Tree of Life vision, and revival meetings around Joseph's area in What is even more interesting is that those two terms were taught by the Campbellite branch that Sidney Rigdon just happened to be a preacher for. Joseph Smith introduced these ideas through a retrofitted revelation as discussed above, which incorporated Rigdon's teachings as his own.

You can read more about this on our priesthood restoration timeline. Please read our JST page for more detailed information on how Joseph Smith directly plagiarized Clarke's material often in a translation that church leaders have called divinely inspired. Temple Ceremony : While we do not post the Temple ceremony scripts out of respect for faithful members, it needs to be noted that much of the endowment ceremony and signs are taken from Masonic ceremonies, and that Joseph Smith introduced these just six weeks after being initiated as a Mason.

Apologists will tell you that the temple is about much more, which is true, but it is undeniable that Joseph Smith modeled what is supposed to be the most sacred ceremony after a secret script he learned just six weeks prior. Again, considering the pattern that is crystal clear here, the obvious answer is that the ceremony was not given by God, but by the elements that Joseph had available to him. Latter-day Saints readily accept that individuals outside their tradition have been given special, revealed insight into heavenly truths, and thus the points of convergence in Swedenborgianism and Mormonism could reflect accurate, though independent, descriptions of true Christian eschatology.

Latter-day Saints could accept that, to a remarkable degree, Emanuel Swedenborg and Joseph Smith both experienced actual visions of the afterlife reality. The obvious answer is that all of these similarities can no longer be brushed off as coincidence, and that we now have to declare that the original sources Joseph took from must have been revelations from God or else the whole thing falls apart.

Non-infant baptism : This is another concept that was taught by the Campbellites and brought over by Sidney Rigdon and was a hot topic of religion during Joseph's time with the Book of Mormon. Interestingly enough, the Campbellites were not arguing to begin baptisms at eight, but that eight was the earliest that people should be baptized. Word of Wisdom : The Word of Wisdom has been changed a lot over the years the original version was not even considered a commandment and proclaimed hot soups to be a danger to our health , but was an offshoot of the temperance movement.

The most amazing part about the Word of Wisdom is that it originally said beer was OK, but then later prohibited along with banning coffee, which has been shown to have a lot of health benefits. Furthermore, if the Word of Wisdom was truly an inspired revelation from God, we would have known much earlier to boil our water and avoid a lot of needless deaths due to not doing so.

First Vision : Many members believe that Joseph Smith's First Vision account was unique and miraculous to his time, but it was anything but. The angel told him that the churches were corrupt and that God would soon raise up an apostolic church. Chamberlin printed up an account of his visions and was still distributing them and looking for the apostolic church when he stopped in Palmyra. In , Elder Ballard boldly declared during a pre-screened question and answer session that the church does not hide anything from their members. A few quick examples of where the church did exactly that:.

Joseph Fielding Smith was the church historian when the journal was discovered, and he carefully cut out the pages of the journal and hid them in the historian's vault. The only reason this version was ever released was that the Tanners found out about it through a vague comment that a member of the media had been told. The church quietly gave the account to a BYU student to write a paper about, and then taped the pages back in the letterbook.

You can actually see the tape marks on the Joseph Smith Papers project. There is a huge reason this account was suppressed for decades, which as noted in our LDS First Vision annotated essay and is due to Joseph Smith's changing theology at the time. FAIR also does this when they give apologetic spin to difficult subjects by gaslighting those with doubts.

It is also worth noting that while the church has made some progress with these essays, they do not promote them nor have them ever discussed them in General Conference talks. They are not even easy to find - you have to go three clicks into the site to find them, and even then you have to know what "Gospel Topics Essays" means or else you'd never know to click there. Joseph Smith was lying.

They know he was lying. His polygamous wives that signed the document swearing they were not implementing polygamy were lying. Those are some seriously insulting phrases to try and avoid calling a lie a lie. We now know that the gold plates were never used to translate the Book of Mormon, yet the church continually commissions artwork to show otherwise.

These are examples of the church being dishonest and they are obviously well aware of this considering they have a robust Church Educational System, yet they continue to push a false narrative both to prospective members and lifelong members. Above we have the exact quotes to show otherwise. Yet if you read our LDS annotated essay , you will see that not only was it considered to be doctrinal from God, the scriptures that Joseph Smith brought to us are the reason for it.

On all of these they are knowingly lying about their history, and I don't think that is too harsh of a term. Boyd K Packer's 'The Mantle is Far, Far Greater than the Intellect' talk: During this talk, Packer gives a literal blue print for how to 'inoculate' members from an early age to avoid the dirty history of the church. CES instructors were only to talk about faith promoting stories that were whitewashed and correlated by the church.

In other words, "so-called history" is the uncorrelated history that he wants members to avoid. This worked out well until the internet made the information too readily available, and absolutely holds a smoking gun to the idea that the church does not try to hide and suppress the history of the church. The September Six: In , six people were excommunicated from the church in a coordinated attack against scholars and historians who would discuss and publish information detrimental to the church.

One of the great ironies in the excommunications is that a lot of the work done by these historians especially Michael D Quinn has been used in the LDS essays we have discussed on our pages. But at the time, the church was still able to control information better, and excommunicated these six members to send a signal that the only history that mattered was the faith promoting kind. Elder Oaks then confirmed that this was not coordinated and Packer never made contact. This forced Elder Oaks to admit he had "misspoken," which is another word for lying.

Whitmer, was translated by placing the chocolate-colored stone in a hat into which Joseph would bury his head so as to close out the light. While doing so he could see "an oblong piece of parchment, on which the hieroglyphics would appear," and below the ancient writing, the translation would be given in English. Joseph would then read this to Oliver Cowdery, who in turn would write it. If he did so correctly, the characters and the interpretation would disappear and be replaced by other characters with their interpretation Cook, David Whitmer Interviews, , Such an explanation is, in our judgment, simply fiction created for the purpose of demeaning Joseph Smith and to undermine the validity of the revelations he received after translating the Book of Mormon.

Financial transparency: The LDS church has not released financial records since For a church that claims to be 'as transparent as we know how to be,' this seems like a very obvious place where they could be transparent. It would also make the recent story of President Nelson telling the people of Africa that tithing would break the cycle of poverty seem even more out of touch than many took it to be at the time.

Dissecting Christian Trends

Again, for a non-profit church, financial transparency is not too much to ask at all, so why hide it? There's also a great article from the Improvement Era in August where Apostle John A Widtsoe says the following: "Honest historians cannot safely make the charge that Joseph Smith was a professional money digger.

Likewise, no credence can be placed upon the charge that Joseph was a peepstone user. Anti-Mormon writers are prone to suggest that the Prophet spent his time in leading people into many a fruitless chase for lost money supposed to be revealed by peepstones The information is all hearsay, and personally, I do not believe that this stone was used for this purpose.

McConkie, 3:, p. We now know that this is exactly what happened. McConkie's paper was written just 18 years ago -- and they knew about the seer stone long before that, but most members did not. Joseph Fielding Smith not only knew about the seer stone, but was the person who hid the First Vision account. We can go on, but for purposes of this page we want to keep it short. The fact is that the church has a history of lying and suppressing the truth about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and so many key elements of its doctrine.

And the answer as to why is obvious - they know that potential converts wouldn't join if they knew this, and that many current members would leave if they knew what Joseph Smith did to the Doctrine and Covenants, misuse of Deutero-Isaiah, or using a stone to translate the Book of Mormon instead of the narrative of the gold plates. There is a reason they have to do this, but it is very sad to learn that I was lied to in the mission discussions. Lack of Modern Day Revelations. When I took the missionary discussions, one of the central themes was that the Mormon church has a true and living prophet to guide us through these times.

The idea told to me was that the prophets have a direct line to God and thus could get answers on the problems that are happening during our times, unlike the other churches that Joseph Smith declared that God considered an abomination. But the reality is that the prophets haven't really given any revelation since the early days of the church. That's what you'd expect with a church that was created by Joseph Smith - that as time goes on, the leaders treat their role more as the CEO of a corporation than a prophet who would risk their credibility by making predictions about what is to come.

The three most recent revelations that are most known by members are the ending of polygamy, the ending of the ban on blacks for the priesthood, and A Proclamation to the World. If we had not stopped it, you would have had no use for. Confusion would reign throughout Israel, and many men would be made prisoners. This trouble would have come upon the whole Church, and we should have been compelled to stop the practice. Three problems here: 1.

We already know from above that Wilford Woodruff's visions aren't exactly reliable. His vision of the Founding Fathers being upset that no one did any temple work for them has the massive problem that they already had baptisms performed for them, some multiple times. Wilford Woodruff almost certainly took on another wife after the first Declaration an marriage to Madame Mountford and authorized other plural marriages, which makes it pretty clear that the "vision" did not reach him as deeply as he would like you to think. The ending of polygamy then needed a second Declaration, which made clear the polygamy was over at least in this life , for real this time.

None of it reads like a revelation with words from God, and is crafted more like a legal document than the revelation it is regarded as. Now are any of those stories true, or are they all…. We just built a temple down there. All those people with Negro blood in them have been raising the money to build that temple.

So Brother Kimball worried about it, and he prayed a lot about it. He asked each one of us of the Twelve if we would pray — and we did — that the Lord would give him the inspiration to know what the will of the Lord was. And then he asked each one of us to hand in all the references we had, for, or against that proposal. See, he was thinking favorably toward giving the colored people the priesthood.

Then we had a meeting where we meet every week in the temple, and we discussed it as a group together, and then we prayed about it in our prayer circle, and then we held another prayer circle after the close of that meeting, and he President Kimball lead in the prayer; praying that the Lord would give us the inspiration that we needed to do the thing that would be pleasing to Him and for the blessing of His children. Well, some of the members of the Twelve suggested a few changes in the announcement, and then in our meeting there we all voted in favor of it — the Twelve and the Presidency.

One member of the Twelve, Mark Petersen, was down in South America, but Brother Benson, our President, had arranged to know where he could be reached by phone, and right while we were in that meeting in the temple, Brother Kimball talked with Brother Petersen, and read him this article, and he Petersen approved of it.

What else should we say besides that announcement? And we decided that was sufficient ; that no more needed to be said. I think that speaks for itself - once again, the church's prophets since the early days run the church like a corporation responding to changing culture, and then make a legalistic approach to embrace change.

Which brings us to A Proclamation to the World : Church leaders were concerned about gay marriage see our above point on treatment towards the LGBT community , and needed to create a document to give themselves legal standing to go against gay marriage as a matter of religious principal. Elder Oaks pretty much admitted that this was a legal document prepared for the First Presidency to grant them this standing in his General Conference talk: "During this revelatory process, a proposed text was presented to the First Presidency , who oversee and promulgate Church teachings and doctrine.

After the Presidency made further changes, the proclamation on the family was announced by the President of the Church, Gordon B. The proclamation that hangs on so many walls and is thought to be revelation from God for traditional marriage and against gay marriage is actually a legal document created to give the church room to spend millions of dollars of tithing money to isolate gays further. That doesn't even include the damage that the church has done to the non-LDS LGBT community after they spent millions of dollars on Prop 8 in California to keep gay people from marrying.

That might sound very harsh, but when you consider the damage that legal document has caused gay LDS members and their families, extending all the way to elevated levels of suicide in heavily Mormon states, I don't know that it's harsh enough. After looking at these three "revelations," I have to ask what is left.

Renaming visiting teaching into ministering isn't revelation - that's an organizational change. The bottom line is that if the church is not true, you would expect that the prophets would either give false prophesies or just avoid giving them altogether. The history of the church tells us that they are clearly in the latter category since Brigham Young, and learning about the way these landmark "revelations" took shape was quite shocking to me in comparison to the way they are presented to members.

No prophet since Joseph Smith has had the kinds of magical visions and visitations from angels, which makes more sense once your realize that the church was his creation and not from God. Lack of Modern Day Priesthood Miracles. In the scriptures we read about critics being struck dumb, people healed miraculously, and stories of visions on the water or in the temple. Yet today the only way critics are struck is through excommunication even as church leaders continues to denounce them.

With a restored priesthood you would expect to see higher rates of healing among Mormons than non-Mormons, yet there is no increase. And you would certainly expect to have more visions with the one true church, but even in the "Second Annointing" ceremony in the temple, there is no vision of Christ as some church stories have spoken of. I remember being taught in Sunday school about the second annointing leading to a one-on-one meeting with Christ, yet as this Mormon Stories episode reveals, that doesn't actually happen.

One of the big blessings that members receive is the Patriarchal Blessing, which is meant to be a revelation of their life to come. The problem is that as the internet has become popular, many Mormons have posted their blessings and they are extremely similar. In addition, they can be extremely painful when members are told they would have a temple marriage and children only to not marry for whatever reason, or if they have trouble conceiving children.

They are not revelation, they are not inspired, and they cause a lot of members pain when the promises inside do not come true. LDS Living magazine just released an article examining why the promises do not come true. Just as church leaders tend to do when members read about the problems with the church's history and credibility such as this page , they blame the member.

Their three reasons that the promises of the Patriarchal Blessing do not come true: Worthiness you just weren't living up to the standard , Timing we can't know if the blessing meant this life or the next - a common argument for all of the problems listed above , and assumptions the revelations were actually fulfilled, but you just didn't notice because you read the blessing in too literal of a way. The real reason that the promises of a Patriarchal Blessing often do not come true especially beyond the vague promises in almost every blessing is that the Patriarchs giving the blessing have no more power of revelation than you or me.

Furthermore, in a restored church that has long claimed to have the power to give heal through priesthood blessings, you would expect healing to actually take place. Statistically though, there is no increased rate of healing from cancer or other illnesses. It is why the church has moved the goalposts from the faith to be healed to the 'faith to not be healed. While I realize that it is unreasonable to expect everyone to perform miracles that are leaders of the church, I do expect some increase of healings beyond the overall average of the population as a whole.

Last, I want to note that it is quite convenient that as we have better records and documentation, we have fewer miracles and revelations.

While more and more of the faith promoting legends have been proven false with time and history, we have almost no revelations or miracles in the age of video and constant documentation. I know this sounds harsh, but after being told by missionaries twenty years ago about the healing power of the priesthood blessing, you can imagine my surprise to read that there is just no evidence to back up the claim.

Every church uses the concept of spiritual witness to attract members to their religion. As we have pointed out in our annotated LDS essay videos, there is a great YouTube video that highlights how every religion has the same feeling of warmth to confirm they are in the right place. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend watching it and especially recommend the LDS splinter group testimony at the 10 minute mark where a woman who just entered into a polygamous marriage talks about how she felt the spirit confirm to her the truthfulness of it even as she is struggling.

As a matter of fact, almost every LDS splinter group bears testimony the same way, which again begs the question: If the Holy Spirit can provide personal revelation as the LDS church contends, why would the Holy Ghost inspire anyone to join an incorrect religion that still undertakes polygamy? What kind of God would fool billions of people into confirming their feelings towards churches that we are taught He told Joseph Smith were an abomination? The truth is that the idea of spiritual witnesses are not unique to the LDS church, but they are cultivated from an early age in order to keep members from researching the true history of the church and all of the problems with the scriptures.

It is why in their essays that we cover, all of them spend the entire essay tossing out possible excuses for the gaping problems, but then end with summary akin to 'But we can't know for sure, but if you pray honestly you will feel the spirit and know it is OK. And it did not come right away, but I kept trying and did feel that warmth that this was the right path for me.

However, that went away as I thought more about polygamy and thought about how blacks were treated by the church for so long without anyone realizing how terrible that was. Otherwise we have to wonder why the Holy Ghost would lead billions to the wrong church - and we know at least a large portion of those people are sincere in praying for confirmation. Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Vatican City. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Committee on Doctrine Archived from the original PDF on WPA series, evidence and experience in psychiatry.

Hoboken, NJ: J. In Herbermann, Charles ed. Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton. Southern Medical Journal. Zenit News Agency. February 11, Retrieved — via ewtn. Citing Associazione Medici Cattolici Italiani. Sezione di Milano, ed. Il medico di fronte al miracolo. Convegno promosso dall'A. Lourdes: a history of its apparitions and cures. Translated by Agnes Mary Rowland Gibbs. New York [u. Polipoint Press.

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We are taught in the church that Adam and Eve were 'born' in Missouri about 6, years ago, and Brigham Young even taught that Adam was our God and was doctrine from God as discussed above. It is impossible to read your comment without being moved. They DO teach another doctrine, that according to Paul in Galatians rebuked sharply and even went to the extent of saying that they should be accursed, even an angel or himself, if he or they bring another gospel if there is any such thing. I was afraid to even look at a mammography machine very hard after I found out how much it cost. Again, that's incredibly convenient. They do test and take an MRI there disabilty for a back injury is decieded upon the evidence they have if you have herniated buldging discs in the back a MRI will prove that if there is none the MRI will also prove that.

An introduction to Pentecostalism: global charismatic Christianity. Cambridge [u. All things are possible: the healing and charismatic revivals in modern America. Greg The Quarterly Journal. The Miami News. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Fraud Thriving In U.S. Churches, But You Wouldn't Know It

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