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Early Poems (Dover Thrift Editions) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Early Poems (Dover Thrift Editions) Paperback – October 21, American poet Ezra Pound (–) was among the most influential literary figures of the twentieth century. Early Poems (Dover Thrift Editions) [Edna St. Vincent Millay] on hixotusosi.cf * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most successful poets in America .

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by Pound, Ezra

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Early Poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay (Paperback, 2008)

Our likes and dislikes never match however we are best friends. If what I am saying about emotional reasoning pisses you off, you are engaged in emotional reasoning. If you feel like defending it and pointing out what is wrong with rational thinking, you are engaged in emotional reasoning. And you can be setting yourself up for problems in life and relationships. For instance, if you feel threatened by facts brought up in all sincerity from your partner, you may emotionally reason that your partner is a danger, get mad, and then reject the partner and ruin a perfectly good relationship!!!!

We can only deduce that if we feel anger, we must believe that we are being threatened and in danger.

  • Lermite, la princesse et lorage (French Edition);
  • Christian Social Witness (New Churchs Teaching Series).
  • Early Poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay (Paperback, 2008).

If we feel that a religion, let's say, is correct and therefore we think it is true, that does not make it true. If we feel someone is trying to make us wrong, we are confusing a feeling with a thought. It is actually a "thought" from which we have a bad feeling of some sort due to our perception of it.

If you use emotional thinking and reasoning, you will suffer from illusions thought real - these can be damaging to your psychological health. The symptoms: believe somehow a primitive mechanism is all knowing, or a spirit within has huge wisdom, or an inanimate object the universe has intent and will work on our behalf if we send it a message in the right way - you'll attribute meaning to things where there is none, to your emotional detriment.

Also includes magical thinking; involves a tendency to have to explain the unexplainable and then believing in the truth of it. I embrace our wonderfully protective primitive brain and what it remembers that works. It works to cooperate with your tribe so that you won't be kicked out and not survive. It works to be suspicious of other tribes first, and to develop "sixth sense" noticing of what subtle things will tell us whether to trust or not.

We are full of rules, in a sense, in our instincts and in our training, that protect us, but some of the rules are not examined and don't work. It is up to us to use this capability of the primitive brain, but to screen out the rules that actually work - that is, if we are to truly have a life that truly works, full of happiness and satisfaction.

The 'mind' aka the lower brains does not have immense reasoning power. It does, however, have powerful shortcuts and a super strong memory that evolved to have us remember the characteristics of the poisonous berry bush, etc. If something was connected to danger, it remembers - and it has evolved to "motivate" us to act to avoid those dangers with. It will remember well, though not perfectly, what appeared to be dangerous to us and then assign danger to anything that can be associated with it - and it evolved to overassociate, as that was the characteristic gene property of those who survived.

It was just a statistical, physical world thing, where it was a form of what might be crudely called 'backward engineering. That's the bad news for some people, in their minds, but it is good news for us humans, as it works wonderfully - just not for good reasoning!!! Anyway, the bottom line here is that the primitive brain will support its conclusions by having you "feel right" about them - i.

And from that, if you don't engage your higher brain, you will conclude that you must, therefore, be right. A really, really dumb conclusion - if you think about it! When we feel emotional about them that is, generally, "good" as it drives us toward what will have us live a better life - We, of course, create a "values" system around what we believe in and then we believe we are right and that we have a corner on validity, even though others feel just as certain of conflicting beliefs. We fail to note that our beliefs are only beliefs, something we made up about something.

Of course, with our higher brain we can decide, fairly easily, that it is not an actual threat. If we fail to engage the higher brain, then we are "forced to", in a sense, feel fear of a certain type - and to engage in fight or flight. You want to fight and argue, your chemicals are boiling, or you want to get the heck out of there, after all it feels so unpleasant - and then the primitive brain might create a "disliking" for the other person, which is what it does to protect you from enemies.

Remember beliefs are about how the world works, and in the primitive world we had to have lots of beliefs that overdid it to assure our survival - indicating many of them are wrong, but the brain has to overdo it to stave off all possible threats, until it actually is able to see that they aren't really threats.

When we feel a sense of disgust or outrage, it is because we believe there is a threat, where someone or something disagrees with your belief or doesn't follow it or does the opposite, etc. The emotion drives you toward survival - in the primitive world. It worked in that world to "keep us in line" and to avoid threats, especially enemies or anything that would get us kicked out of the tribe, probably to die. They do not necessarily mean something is right or wrong - only that there seems to be a possibility of a threat, with the brain first jumping to the conclusion that it is a threat, until more thought or fact gathering can be engaged in.

That "fast thinking" saved us from tigers, as it got us moving quicker than the slow thinkers, who were eaten and dropped out of the evolutionary survival. However, reasoning takes more time but it gets us immense results. Know that all the major thought disciplines teach that thoughts are just thoughts and that feelings are just feelings. They are just "neuronal patterns fired off in the brain", with an effect of "physical sensations" feelings.

They are not "signs" that one is right or signals from the supernatural. Of course, with our higher brain we can discriminate and call off the emergency warning when we see there is no real danger. But until we at least ask Byron Katie's "Is it true? If we stop believing in illusions and unexamined beliefs, we will live a much better life - and we'll not be 'victims' of life at all - in fact, we would have virtually no suffering.

We would be wise enough to see that virtually all physical happenings are neutral in themselves - and that it is only our added meaning that can create the unnecessary, self-caused suffering the Buddha talks of. If we look, as an adult, we should be able to see that we are not really thinking, but are just coughing up old neuronal patterns created by the primitive brain seeing and reacting to an associated potential threat. We "think" we see monsters in the closet or at least the adult equivalent of scary illusions. An illusion is something we think is real but isn't.

It is not real that there is a threat to our actual worth if we are not approved of or liked. We made that up, plus we made up lots of 'threats' that are not really threats at all, not in the real world. We have even made up that a thought has, in and of itself, power.

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We have even made up that some mysterious force s is controlling us - from the "dark shadow" to "spirit" and even attributing huge non-existent powers to the subconscious or other "beings". We even suffer from imaginary threats in our minds, called mental constructs, that have no reality - we "fail" on something that doesn't exist. We've got to be smart enough to know that what we fabricate only in our brain is in fact fabricated, non-existent in the real world, and nothing to be concerned about in and of themselves. At some point, we'll see that, hopefully, and then all the ghosts and goblins and illusions will be seen as no longer real, just like in the movie A Beautiful Mind.

And the Class I illusion to take the cake is the "I just know I'm right, as my emotions tell me so", for which there is no sound basis, other than it is right some of the time but definitely not accurate. Often there are no proven facts or even premises offered. At times, they use the "let's prove our case, quick! This not a character defect, but it is a very human trait, where we try to conserve energy as an evolutionary inherited way of surviving better saving our energy for other things.

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As anyone who has ever been studying for a degree can attest, it can be burdensome to fight your way through a whole swath of things to be done, and writing your dissertation is the king of them. History Kabbalah. If Esmee was struggling with the work, then perhaps she should be moved to a remedial class. Some of these works are full size paintings rather than illustrations included in editions of the novels. Chris' interests also include issues of masculinity, race and ethnicity in modern America as well as electronic music culture worldwide. If we feel someone is trying to make us wrong, we are confusing a feeling with a thought. Washington state university creative writing That is the advice of my year-old daughter, Esmee, as I struggle to make sense of a paragraph of notes for an upcoming Earth Science test on minerals.

Basicly, it is "lazy thinking" This is natural, but it definitely is not wisdom or what works best in life. Of course, most of it is harmless and we can let it pass except for the bad habit if it is about something that is minor and non-affective. I must just accept reality, resist my evolutionary tendency, and not be concerned about the effects which will be whatever they'll be and I can't do a thing about it.

And While alot of this doesn't matter because of the issue, what does matter in this society and certainly in a relationships where we don't want to be blindsided by nonsense is that we and others use good sound thinking.